Maybe not so much news but more to say that even though I might not be the best at making updates to the site, it's still very much up and running and you are welcome to visit :-)

A new web gallery is now up an running. Enjoy!

Web shop fully up and running again.

Apologize for the challenges on the website lately, since I haven't had the time to adapt it to the new pre-requisites from the web hotel (e.g. the disabling of ASP). Therefore it doesn't work today to view the poster gallery or to send an inquiry as usual from a poster in the web shop.

However, it's still possible to view the web shop and if you find an interest in one of the poster in the web shop please don't hesitate to send me an email by clicking here (

This until I can get all of the functions up and working again.
Thank you for your understanding.

The web shop is working again.

The web shop is experiencing network problems. I am counting on a solotion from the web server providers as soon as possible.

The home page is updated. You now also have the opportunity to give your input on interesting movie poster topics.

The website is updated continously. Today three posters from 1917 were added to the gallery.

A Poster Browser preloader page is implemented.

An FAQ is now available.

New and bigger pictures are now available for viewing in the poster gallery for some of the older posters.

A Poster Browser is implemented. It is available when you click 'Posters For Sale' and after the last page number at the top of the page.

The news page sees the light and the navigation between the sale sites is improved.